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Speak Your Mind Podcast Transcript

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0:00Former NHL player, Riley Shahan felt out of place as a youth in sport, playing against older and bigger kids.

0:05Whenever I would go to play with more competitive teams, I always just felt like this feeling that I wasn't good enough after a varied public dui arrest in 2012, Shahan credited the leadership of the Red Wings organization with making him feel supported when that person can be open and understanding to each person.

0:21I think that can be really powerful.

0:23Ahad Band Ali, founder and CEO of the revolutionary mental health app.

0:27Get ahead.

0:28Echo that as one of the many reasons for developing the app that helps connect practitioners and patients knowing that there were people around me that cared about my well being number one and number two, that there's so many people out there or have the same type of conversations internally with themselves.

0:45For Riley, it took other prominent athletes, speaking about their struggles that allowed him to acknowledge when I heard Kevin love talk about his struggles or demarco Rosa talk about his struggles.

0:55It just makes you feel a little more comfortable when the sports media company torch pro approached Riley about hosting a mental health awareness podcast called Speak Your Mind.

1:03His hesitation quickly turned to excitement.

1:05I just think it's important to work your brain in a different way.

1:07And if I can do that through the podcast and get some people to share their stories and have some good conversations and maybe learn a few things on the way that the sharing of personal stories has physical effects as well as Mr Bondi Ali outlines at a physiological level, there is healing that's going on in those components by talking about it with another person can actually help in that healing process.

1:29A groundbreaking discovery.

1:30However, researchers are just scratching the surface.

1:33We have ways to go on really understanding how intertwined that is the mental and the physical a conversation with a dozen fan after Riley's final home game in Seattle really hit home.

1:42The importance of his off ice work, getting the feedback that you're touching someone's life and in a positive way that's bigger than just going out on the ice and scoring a goal or whatever was, was really powerful for me.

1:53In the early days of the podcast, Riley and his partners were seeking guests for the show.

1:57After nearly two years of content creation, people began reaching out, requesting to join the conversation.

2:03It's nice to have that feedback.

2:05Hopefully we can just keep moving forward.

2:06Riley's goal for his podcasting platform, allowing others to share their stories is quite simple.

2:11Starting the podcast and talking about this stuff, like, I hope more people can sort of start taking their mental health on Yankee legend, Yogi Berra was quoted as saying, sports are 90% mental.

2:22The other half is physical reading.

2:24This today gives a whole new meaning to the quote JJ Evison CS M Radio.

7 pm

14 Nov 2023

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