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ISO Accredited Laboratory Services Provider

​Keel Laboratory Services is the only provincially licensed ISO 15189 accredited salivary and fluids laboratory (Ontario License #5697) in Canada.

We are a referral laboratory that proudly partners with some of North America's largest labs to process and report endocrinology results. Life Labs, ICL, Hormonix and Alpha Labs all rely on us to provide timely and accurate assessments. 

Keel Lab Services is also expanding into the burgeoning health and wellness field by supporting naturopathic doctors with biomarker assessment and monitoring as part of their holistic approach to well-being.

Keel Laboratory Services is the only provincially licensed ISO 15189 accredited salivary and fluids laboratory (Ontario License #5697) in Canada.

Specializing in Endocrinology 

​We Are a Part of Holistic Treatment with Keel Mind- Keel  Digital

Part of mental health treatment may involve monitoring hormone levels as a measure of health and wellness over time. For example, by measuring cortisol levels we can physically determine levels of that stress indicator and map treatment effectiveness. Another common application provides monitoring for patients with Gender Dysphoria as they undergo hormone therapy as part of affirmative care with their health care team.

We Are a Part of Holistic Treatment with Keel Mind

North Americans have undiagnosed diabetes


Americans do not get enough sleep


of Millennials and 37% of Gen Z want personalized wellness services that saliva testing can provide


of Americans reported symptoms of depression and anxiety in 2023


Saliva tests, which can be self-administered and taken at home, can help monitor insulin resistance levels, immune response, cortisol, and sex hormones among others. They are good at helping detect metabolic disorders that lead to diabetes, sleeplessness, and decreased libido as well antigen detection for viruses like SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19).

What Can a Saliva Test Measure?

Keel Lab Services 

Keel Lab Services provide endocrinology testing to some of North America's largest and most innovative diagnostic laboratories.

Life Labs- Keel Lab Services 
In-Common Laboratories-Keel Lab Services 
Alpha Labs-Keel Lab Services 
Hormonix-Keel Lab Services 

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Clinical Director

Dr. Judy Zubovits

Team- Keel Lab Services 

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