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Keel Digital Solutions delivers cutting-edge solutions, training and diagnostic support tools for improved mental and physical outcomes.

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Keel Digital Solutions

We believe in an holistic approach to wellness that incorporates both physical and mental care that is reflected by our two core businesses, Keel Mind and Keel Lab Services.

These two complementary businesses are built to serve a variety of sectors including: Healthcare, Insurance, Athletic Performance, and Naturopathy.

keel digital solution
Keel Digital Solution
Keel Digital Solution
Keel Digital Solution
Keel Digital Solution
Keel Digital Solution
Keel Digital Solution

Keel Mind

Get A-Head powered by Keel Mind is an industry-leading mental health training and service delivery platform, incorporating Natural Language Processing and AI, for care providers, indigenous communities, educational, institutional, and governmental agencies focused on improving patient access, diagnosis and care.

people are in need of mental health services


is saved for every dollar spent by improving access to psychotherapy


of employees with mental health issues indicate it impacts their work


Keel Lab Services is an Ontario-licensed and ISO-accredited laboratory service provider, specializing in non-invasive functional medicine and wellness clinical laboratory testing.


As part of our holistic approach, Keel Lab Services provides support to care providers using Keel Mind by monitoring hormone levels as part of treatment. For example, monitoring cortisol levels as a measure of stress and anxiety, or monitoring hormone levels of patients being treated for gender dysphoria.


We are also a referral laboratory serving some of North America’s largest diagnostic labs, including Life Labs, ICL, and Hormonix.


Keel Lab Services is an ISO 15189 accredited laboratory in the province of Ontario and is the only Provincially licensed, ISO accredited salivary laboratory in Canada (Ontario licence #5697).

Keel lab services

Keel Lab Services

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Interested in learning more about our platforms and services?  Send us a note and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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